Green Lands

Sludge to Biogas Plant 3D

This beautiful 3D animation was created including 3d modeling, texturing, and animation showing in detail the working of a "Sludge to Bio-gas treatment Plant" for Green Lands LLP

What started with a few sketches and some reference images, turned into a beautifully crafted peace of art explaining the complete working of a Sludge to Bio-gas treatment plant which is one of the offerings of Green Lands LLP. Step 1 was the modeling and positioning of the units followed by the shaping and detailed modeling followed by texturing and then the animation in multiple stages.

Watch the full video here:


The video was required to show sludge coming from a waste water treatment plant going into the bio-gas production unit along with different waste trucks dumping the bio waste which mixes together to form bio-gas which is then further processed to make different bi-products that are used in all types of industries.


3D Design, 3D Animation

Green Lands

August 2022

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